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In China, where soybeans originally served as a substitute for meat products manufacturing soy substitutes (substitutes) of these products has reached perfection. Some people ask, where to buy anabolic steroids online? Very typical and even exclusively national reception of Chinese cooking - it is persistent, even obsessive desire to disguise the true composition of the products. Soybean crop flow have always sought to make long-term treatment with the smell of cheese, ham, sausage or eggs.

Soy bad fall apart. Always try to buy steroids only by known manufacturers. Her cooking of lasts much longer than the cooking of peas or other legumes. soybean cooking of accelerated pre-soaking, sprouting or grinding the soybeans. The number of dishes that can be prepared from soy is extremely high and many dishes can act as drugs.

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To take at least germinated soybeans. It is a true multi-vitamin concentrate. Sprouting any cereals or legumes accompanied by the accumulation of large amounts of vitamins and can serve as a means for the prevention of vitamin deficiency. But soy and it is holding the palm. Bodybuilders not always can found legal anabolic steroids easily. In her germinated beans vitamin content is particularly high. From green shoots obtained tasty vitamin salad, which can be made at any time of the year.

Get those green shoots are very simple. Initially soybeans are soaked in water for a day at room temperature no more beans pour After swelling in wet gauze or cotton cloth and placed on the bottom of the pot and the lid is closed to the beans were in constant darkness. One end of the pan outside the gauze must be lowered into the water to the beans were constantly in a humid environment. After 3 to 4 days of soya bean sprout abundantly. You can see the reason why athletes buy steroids in our shop. Cultivating up to 5 cm are ready for use. They are washed and used for the preparation of vitamin green salads. Of the 400 g of seeds obtained 1.5 kg of green shoots, which are completely replaced with green vegetables. For long-term storage of sprouts can be dried.

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The main soy products worldwide is soybean meal. In appearance it resembles wheat, has a delicate cream color and light nutty flavor. Everyday you can find new discounts for legal steroids. The nutritional properties of soybean meal only landmarks. 500 grams of this flour protein content can be compared to 1 kg of cottage cheese, or 1.5 kg of beef, or 40 chicken eggs. However, making bread or any confectionery soya flour alone it is impossible because of its lack of starch. Therefore, for the preparation of bakery products it is necessary to add 10-20% of normal flour (wheat, oat, rye, rice, and so on. D.). Suitable and potato starch.

Soy flour can be prepared from soybeans alone. For this beans was washed, dried and pulverized in a mill, grinder or millstones. People always try to buy steroids for small money. Beans can be in a closed vessel for 10-12 minutes with saturated steam for process improvements flour taste, after which it is dried and milled. Because of the large amount of oil, soya husband can not be stored for a long time. If it is not used for 2 weeks, it rancid.

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